Diagnosing Your Web Problem

What to do incase of a website malfunction

We all know technology can fail us from time to time, from server crashes, cellphone malfunctions to our cars not starting in the morning. It happens to everyone, so why not have a contingency plan set in place? You don't want to be stuck without a website for weeks on end. It pays off to be a pessimist in the world of the web.


Many times an issue can be fixed without going into full panic mode or contacting your web service agency. Why waste money if you can fix the problem yourself? The issue could be as simple as switching the browser you are working on.

First, attempt to diagnose the issue yourself by trying these quick tips;


Close and reopen current browser

Try switching your web page to different browser

Add a question mark to the change the URL, requesting the latest page copy i.e. http://www.webdesignkingston.com/?

If URL contains a question mark already, simply add a ampersand (&) after it

Clear your browser cache

Why delete your browser cache?


Web browsers are developed to download web pages, storing them on your hard drive. Your browser cache tracks your online activity such as graphic images (icons, logos, banners, ads), photos and entire pages from the web. These cache pages are for speedy browsing and are usually found in the 'temporary internet files folder.' Instead of downloading an individual web page each time you request it, a cache loads the page from a stored location on your hard drive. It is efficient to clear your cache on a regular basis, to avoid looking at an older version of that web page.

How to clear your cache in different browsers, click links to learn more.


  1. Cache on Windows (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

  2. Cache on Macintosh (Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer)

Still having the same issue? Now that you've tried the basic trouble shooting tricks with no success, it is time to consult your web agency for further support. Be prepared to inform them about the key factors surrounding your issue.

This information will help your agency determine your specific issue...


  • What is the URL of the page not working?

  • What browser are you currently using?

  • What do you see on the page that isn't working?

  • What did you do prior to the error?

  • Screenshot of web issue (Learn how to take a screen-shot here)

Have a website emergency? Let us know.


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