Methods to Our Madness

Getting a website can be confusing and many people don’t know what to expect. We have laid out the process below so you know how we work and there are no surprises.




Meet & Chat

Our first meeting, where we discuss your vision and goals for the website.


Plan & Research Solutions

We work with your requirements to come up with innovative solutions within your budget and timeline.


Agree on a Plan of Action

You receive a proposal and estimate from us. Once any changes are adjusted you sign and provide the deposit fee.


Lay it Out

Once you provide us with all the content for the site we provide you with an initial wireframe or prototype showing content hierarchy, content placement and navigation. Once you are happy, we create a high-fidelity mockup to show you what your site will look like.




Now it’s our time to shine. Your site gets created and launched on a development server so you can see how everything will work and look.



Throughout the process we will teach you how to maintain and update your website, and we will always be available to assist you.


Launch & Maintain

Your website is now live and able to be viewed by everyone on the web. We are here to keep it running and assist with any changes needed in the future.