Things we swear by

Every project and every client are different and require a custom work plan and final product. However, over the years we've come to realize that there are a few things that can make or break any project.




You own what we build

Unlike many other web development and graphic design firms, if we build it for you, you own it all at the end of the day, just as long as it has been paid for. Too many times clients have come to us looking to freshen up an existing site and find out they don't even have access to their own files. That's not how we work.


We give you the tools to succeed without us

When we build a website, especially one of our excellent CMS (Content Management System) sites, we make it so that you can keep the content up to date without the need to pay for constant text revisions. This allows you to use your website in a much more flexible way, making sure you get the most out of what you paid for.


Honesty from the start

We totally intend to make as much money as possible. That being said, we understand that money comes from hard work and being knowledgeable about our work. It also comes from knowing when to say "no" to bad ideas. We want to educate you on making the right choices for your web projects. 


Functionality over "flash"

Many of our prospective clients have asked us to build "super amazing cool" websites that are not like all of the others. After we ask a bunch of questions and understand our clients' needs we will often try to talk them down from a really expensive glitzy site into a site that actually meets the goals of their organization.


ROI is King

Knowing when to stop a specific phase of any website is key to maximizing ROI. Of course our accountant would love it if we could just keep working on the same site forever, piling up the billable hours so he can roll around in the cash. But that doesn't increase our clients ROI and won't help our reputation.


Your success = our success

Because of the nature of web design, web development, and web marketing, we need great success stories to tell our future clients. And you get to benefit from our selfishness. By doing an amazing job on your website design it will allow us to show it off as a fantastic part of our portfolio.


Start simple and grow

We implement a phased development structure and will help you get your project off the ground. We will also help you set a road map to help you through each stage of your overall vision. A website is an organic and constantly changing part of your overall marketing plan that should grow as your business does.


Being R.A.D. saves money

R.A.D. (Rapid Application Development) websites have many benefits. You are able to see the results quickly, and make adjustments earlier on in the life cycle. Using R.A.D. techniques makes it easier to anticipate any problems the end user may have with the system before it's completed and tested by the client.


Hiccups suck

We work with you to make sure that you get the functionality you want but we also help make sure you realize what you shouldn't do to your site in order to help prevent unnecessary hiccups.  Every project has hiccups but to avoid the big ones we like to plan out the entire project and collect all site content at the start.


The process *should be fun*

Getting a website for your business is exciting, it opens up a whole new avenue to promote your business and stay connected to clients. It can also mean a bit of a learning curve for some clients which can be stressful. We're here to make the process easy, trust us and enjoy the possibilities.



We make sure that your site it compliant with all the latest browsers and runs on the major operating systems. We also make sure that your site is easy to use and that your clients can find the information they are looking for in a straight forward manner. Adhering to provincial accessibility standards is also included.


We are the experts BUT you're the client.

At 14 Theories Inc. we do our absolute best to listen to your needs and provide the most innovative yet cost-effective recommendations based on your budget. However if there is a certain way  you really really really want something on your website to be done we'll do it. 


You get what you pay for

In this industry we see a lot of competitors come and go, very few stick around for the long-haul. 14 Theories Inc. has been in the business for over 10 years and we have a wealth of experience behind us. For this reason our prices are at a premium for this region - top quality product and long term support, you get what you pay for.