Wednesday, March 12

3 Essential Tips on Using Facebook Graph Search for Your Business

In an online marketing world dominated by one's relevance with search engines, Facebook introduces a fresh new way of getting your business on the map. Read all about our tips on how to use the Facebook Graph Search Tool in order to enhance your company's marketing efforts.

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Originally announced at the beginning of 2013 and initially released only to a beta testing pool (we’ve raved about it in this post),  Facebook Graph Search is now widely available to all US English accounts. While raising some privacy concerns on the individual level like anything regarding social networking nowadays (see more on that here), it is also proving to be quite the revolutionary marketing tool by allowing businesses to effectively target their customer base.


The organic nature of Facebook Graph Search provides endless possibilities of expanding and perfecting your marketing strategies and we’ve got just the right tips to help you use it.


1.Getting found. Location, location, location! The “About” section of your Facebook page has never been more important than it is now. Using the right keywords in your business profile as well as the correct location information is key to being found through the Graph Search Tool and so is tagging all your photos with your business name and location when appropriate.


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2.Researching your fans/customers. The great thing about Graph Search is that it works as a two way street - not only is it allowing people to easily find your business through their social network , but it is also giving you the possibility of learning valuable information about your customer base. A simple serch of “Interests of people who like Your Page Name Here” can help you learn all about content you could share to keep people interested, thus taking your social media campaign to a whole new level.

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3.Studying your competition. A little bit of spying can go a long way.  Searching “Pages liked by people who like Company Name Here and live in City Name Here” can help you understand the interests of your competitor’s clients while also giving you the opportunity of leveraging them to your advantage by better positioning your brand.


All in all, Facebook Graph Search is responding to a significant change of how we perceive and judge brands and businesses today by effectively exploiting the potential of social networking. The success of present marketing strategies highly depends on the knowledge a company is willing to collect on its customer base and competition, Facebook is positioning itself as the right service provider for just such a need.


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