Wednesday, March 8

6 Websites With Amazing Photography

Photos are essential to a brand’s online success and can ultimately make or break a website. We have found 6 websites that showcase just how effective the right photos can be in conveying your message, connecting with your audience, and supporting your brand values.

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ETQ Amsterdam 

As a company who prides itself in eliminating over accessorized branding, ETQ Amsterdam does an exemplary job of letting their products speak for themselves. Through the use of high-quality, yet simple photos, they display a modern aesthetic and elegant feel that aligns well with the brand. It goes to show that high-end doesn’t always mean elaborate and flashy.


Bread and Butter Bakery 

The Bread and Butter Bakery has mouth-watering product photography that highlights the importance of hiring a professional photographer to take photos for your website. Professional photos will immediately impress your clients and give your business an edge against the competition. A  photographer was able to capture the essence of the Bread and Butter brand, adding a sense of authenticity and helping them connect with customers in a way that using stock photos could not. 



Concrete Playground 

Concrete Playground is a cultural blog for Australia’s most vibrant cities. They do an excellent job of posting both valuable and visually pleasing content for their readers. The high-quality, vibrant images definitely do the various restaurants and attractions justice and promote the cities well. On a side note, we’re forewarning you that you’ll probably be really hungry after exploring their site.


The University of Sydney Virtual Tour 

Technology has allowed us to go way beyond static photos and 360° videos and photography are a trend that we will be seeing a lot more of in the upcoming year. Brands use this strategy to share immersive experiences with their viewers, connecting with them on an even deeper level. The University of Sydney is a prime example of how to do it right by offering prospective students a 360° tour of the hot spots on campus.


Protest Sportswear 

This boardwear company showcases their products in their intended environment, the slopes, with vivid action photos. These high-quality images emanate their brand value and attempt to connect with customers through a lifestyle approach. Protest carries this strategy over to their Instagram, a tactic all companies should implement, especially if the content they produce is mainly visual.

Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee pride themselves in their ethical practices and strong belief in social responsibility. Their photos tell a beautiful story of how they are benefiting not only the producers, but the communities they live in as well. These photos aid Campos in being transparent with their customers and help to position them as a brand leader within their industry.


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Author: Skylar Reid