Friday, March 28

A Picture Worth 1000 Words : The New Getty Embed Service

The chase for watermark free high quality affordable stock photography seems to have gotten just a little bit sweeter with the new Getty embed service. Read our take on this hot subject that got the blogosphere buzzing with excitement.

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As a response to the impractical nature of controlling unauthorized stock photography use on the internet, Getty recently launched its photo embed service. Aimed at bloggers and social media, this free feature, specifically targets non commercial use and, as expected, comes with a multitude of strings attached. 


The advantages. Using Getty’s huge collection of images for creating high quality online content is now only a few clicks away - no fees, no watermarks and no license infringement to worry about. All you have do to is copy the code provided with the image and paste it in your blog/ publication.


getty+embed+service, stock+photography, online+content, online+content+creation, blogging, blogger+resources, webdesign+resources, webdesignThe catch. While the images are free to embed, they do come with an attached credit and link to the licensing page. No big deal so far, you might say. True. But that's where the fun stuff begins.


What the guys and gals over at Webdesignerdepot discovered after fine reading the Terms of Use is that Getty not only reserves the right to collect data related to the use of the embedded picture but also the right to place future advertisements with the embedded imagery. So make sure to read the fine print of the service and understand it’s implications before using it in order to avoid unwanted future surprises. 


So how will Getty’s new picture embed service change the overall online landscape? The exact implications of liberalizing access to stock photography are still to be understood and analyzed but what is certain is that the practice will soon become extremely popular with bloggers and social media content creators. The financial aspects are not to be ignored as well, since with the introduction of advertising content in the embedded pictures Getty could gain advantageous exposure to an enourmous number of social media platforms and world wide audiences.


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