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Manage Your Own Content

We take a closer look at CMS options, weighing in on which one we use to manage our own website and our clients'.

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Content management system software (CMS) caters to your online presence by storing, organizing, creating, publishing and processing content directly to your live website. Imagine finding an error or needing to post an urgent message to customers – CMS gives you the power to update whenever you see fit. Do you reuse content on multiple web pages? Manage it all in one place, updating your content without messing up your web design. Too many to count. There are hundreds of content management systems floating around out there, we at 14 Theories decided to take a look closer look at the options. We weigh in on which CMS we use to manage our own website and our clients'.


A Closer Look

Based on three important operating factors: search engine optimization, editing/publishing content and user friendliness






This CMS gives you the tools to help organize, structure and locate your content on your website. This system can clean up your URLs with SEO-friendly keywords more effectively than some other platforms such as WordPress.

Originally developed as a blogging platform and has become the leading content management system for many sites across the web. Not as easy to set-up SEO-friendly URLs

Like Drupal, the user can clean up the URLs and meta tags for your website, allowing you to stuff the content with keywords. SEO is extremely important to us, in order to have the best rank you need the most effective CMS. Mura is all about making your site SEO-friendly.


Publishing Content

Control your content by saving a new version of your web page each time you edit, making it easier to revert back to a previous time. Upload creative content such as blogs, videos, photos, polls and podcasts.

WordPress sites runs like a blog, making editing and publishing new content just as simple. Save, store and schedule content. Plugins required to get access to full WordPress capabilities

This open source CMS is 14 Theories' go to for any client looking to easily maintain their website's content. No HMTL or web design knowledge required, simply login in and start making edits. Does your business use statistics in your content? Stats change quickly, Mura allows you to receive updates when your content is becoming out-of-date

User Friendly

Not as user-friendly as other systems, it would be difficult for someone with little coding knowledge to perform some of the neat customizable features. This system is compatible with all operating systems and is best used for maintaining large and complex websites.

Most people think of WordPress as just a blogging site but it has become a lot more. This system is very basic and simple to use but may bring down the overall quality of the contents design.

Be able to set appropriate restrictions for verified staff members. Schedule content to display for a specified amount of time - think of an events calendar. Easily navigate through your site - perfect for CSS developers and ColdFusion platforms.

Mura: Our Secret Weapon

We use Mura because it allows us to create custom features that integrate seamlessly with your website's content. It also uses the same scripting language that we build our sites in, making it  fit all our client's needs. This blog posting was created using Mura, zero HTML knowledge required.


Change is a Good Thing

The days of developing a website and not touching it for five years are over, information becomes out-of-date faster with the introduction of new technologies. Depending on your business you might want to be making changes to your site more frequently. Proper management is essential to keeping your businesses online brand relevant and fresh.

Have you found a reliable CMS for your website?


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