Monday, April 7

Design Inspiration : 5 Examples of Storytelling Websites

Explore the potential of storytelling in web design by checking out these 5 websites that got it right.

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Storytelling can be a very powerful tool in establishing an emotional connection between your brand and your customer. By adding a relatable or educational dimension to your product or business, your virtual presence becomes memorable, approachable and an overall enjoyable experience.


Here are 5 websites that do a very good job at providing relatable insight through storytelling:


Every Last Drop. Created by animation studio Nice and Serious, this fun website raises awareness on the issues of water conversion.


Bagigia. A great example of telling the story behind the product with the purpose of tapping into the emotional factor of the customer decision making process.


Jess and Russ. This website puts a fresh spin on wedding announcements by creating a beautiful visual narrative of the couple’s timeline.


These Are Things. Beautiful illustrations and an overall approachable feel make the These Are Things website uniquely fun to experience.


My Lapka. A crafted mixture of eye pleasing minimalist design and carefully curated product insights gives the My Lapka website an almost educational feel. 


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