Monday, March 31

Design Inspiration : 5 Websites We Love This week

Wondering about inspires us? We're sharing the 5 websites we're crazy about this week.

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Here at 14 Theories we’re always excited to keep in touch with the brightest new ideas and innovative design concepts out there, so we thought we’d start the week on a strong note and share 5 web sites we’re really loving right now. 


Fruita Blanch. A really great blend between beautiful typography and intelligent use of white space, the Fruita Blanch website perfectly illustrates the concept of less is more.

webdesign+inspiration, fruita+blanch


Montere.Sporting an overall minimalist design, the Montere website is beautifully enriched by lust worthy imagery - a great example of how investing in great photography can really make all the difference.

Montere, webdesign+inspiration


Friends of Grand Rapids Parks Green Gala. Beautiful illustrations and a smart colour choice are really making the Green Gala website pop. 

webdesign+inspiration, beautiful+illustration, Frances+Close


Chris Wilhite Design. A soothing eye pleasing minimalist concept and carefully placed design details come together in this beautiful layout.

minimalist+webdesign, webdesign+inspiration


Marmoset Music. One brilliantly designed website, Marmoset Music perfectly exemplifies the great value of video backgrounds in illustrating core brand values.

marmoset, webdesign+inspiration, video+background


Have you seen any inspiring websites lately? Share your thought with us on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.