Monday, April 14

Design Inspiration : Less is More

Minimalist webdesign illustrates the ideal balance between form and content by delivering essentialized ideas with beautiful clean layouts. Check out these 5 websites which prove that sometimes less is more.

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As any experienced designer out there might tell you, minimalism is is a very tricky concept to get right. It not only requires great intuition, but also a precise decision making process which establishes the perfect dosage of typography, colour, photography and whitespace. When done properly, the result is a powerful and clean rendition of a complex message. Here are five websites that perfectly illustrate why sometimes less is more:


Wasniowski. A smart use of a video background and minimalist graphics make this website really stand out.

minimalist design example


Derek Boateng. With it’s beautiful iconography and great choice of colour, makes quite the statement.

minimalist design example derek boateng


Sin - MIn. We love the minimalist layout and the photographic background of the Sin-Min website.

minimalist design example sin min


Cyclemon. Illustration at its best - that’s how we would like to describe the creative endeavour behind

minimalist design example cyclemon


10 Years in Type. A carefully thought of font choice and use of whitespace come together in this beautiful design.

minimalist design example 10 years in type


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