Thursday, March 22

Digital Strategy Checklist

Last week we gave you a taste of what an effective digital strategy might look like, now for a deeper analysis of what makes a great online presence.

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Last week we gave you a taste of what an effective digital strategy might look like (click here if you missed it!) now for a deeper analysis of what makes a great online presence.


Cross Channel Promotion

Use your entire marketing mix. 


Online is the perfect place to display your traditional marketing efforts such as print, radio or TV. Embrace your marketing mix with the power of integration, conveying the same overall brand image across all channels. Also, online is a great way to measure impact of traditional advertising.


Going Mobile

Is your site mobile friendly?


These days, everyone and there grandma are using a Smartphone, allowing users to explore the web whenever and where ever. Getting a mobile website gains accessibility to your online presence. A mobile site can look and operate just like a web application but costs a significant amount less in development costs.


Read more about how to make your site mobile adequate.


Viral Marketing

What makes something go viral?


Calling your marketing messages viral won't make your audience automatically want to share them. Some brands have found success using viral marketing techniques without even realizing it. In order for your marketing efforts to go viral they need to be conversational, humorous, thought provoking or in many cases just plain stupid. It's hard to pinpoint which content will go viral, for a little inspiration, check out these company's online efforts;


Search Visibility

What are your business' key search terms?


This is one of the most important aspects of your digital strategy. Customers are already online looking for your products/services, a clear strategy improves your online visibility, allowing your audience to find you organically through major search engines.


Read more about search engine marketing here.


Paid Search

Get guaranteed results.


A paid listing guarantees your site's appearance at the top of results for your outlined keyword phrases. If your main goal is to generate fast traffic flow to your website, opting in for a paid listing will quickly build your search visibility.

Targeting with Online Ads

Drive traffic to your website.


Drive traffic by purchasing targeted online advertising on highly frequented sites like Facebook, LinkedIn or industry relevant websites. Now you can specify who will see your ads, based on user patterns, such as; search history, “likes” on Facebook or groups followed on LinkedIn.


Exploring Social Media

What's a Twitter?


With social media here to stay, being on the most effective platforms helps your business stay updated engaged and interactive with your online community. Social media is another piece to your growing digital presence. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc, give your brand awareness, visibility and a sense of corporate transparency.


Effective Email Marketing

Don't spam it!


Email marketing is still an integral part of your digital strategy and CRM efforts. People do business by email, so connect with them directly.


Publishing Rich Media

Video, Photos, Podcasts


Rich media remains top dog in terms of shareable content across the web. People love to watch videos, view photos, listen to intriguing podcasts and share them with their friends and followers.


Interactive Applications

Let's chat apps.


If Apple has taught us anything it's that there's an app for pretty much anything. Some popular app genres include; gaming, marketing and informational. Many businesses found success developing their own user friendly app for people to download and operate offline. Countless numbers of users download gaming apps like Farmville, Mafia Wars and the extremely popular Sims, playing for literally hours on end. Imagine the exposure for your business if your logo were smeared across one of those games.


Considering an application for your business? First think; will people actually want this on their mobile device? Attractive brands like Google, YouTube, Starbucks and McDonald’s would all have high demand for their interactive applications but your business might not fit.


How many of these tactics is your business utilizing? Contact us for a look inside your own digital strategy

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