Friday, March 21

Hot Web Trends : Flat Design

With its minimal graphics, ability to easily translate to mobile devices and fast loading times, flat design has become one of the hottest trends of 2014. 

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After even large companies like Google, Apple and Microsoft adhered to the flat design notion, it is no surprise this 2014 web trend is here to stay.


The term basically describes a design stripped of gradients, shadows or textures in favor of implementing flat fields of color, geometric shapes and beautiful typography.  While some might doubt the practicality of such an idea, it’s hard to deny its obvious aesthetic value and innovative nature.


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With a less edgy feel and a harmonized appearance, flat design created a shift in attention towards powerful eye pleasing content and incredibly smart solutions of communicating ideas. Beautiful typography and impeccable photography are slowly but surely becoming star tools in creating an attractive, envy worthy layout with definite timeless attributes.


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More importantly than considering the notion of flat design a simple trend in today’s web design, is to understand this idea as another manifestation of minimalism  – a popular contemporary concept with web designers and graphic designers alike. The implied concept of getting back to design basics has numerous creative applications and an ever evolving potential for years to come.


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