Friday, May 2

How to Get Your Blog Noticed

Read our tips for getting that much needed attention to your blog.

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You’ve created a great looking blog and you can’t wait to show it off, but what are the next steps in making sure your work is really getting out there? Here are a few tips for ensuring your blog gets maximum exposure.


Get personal. Audiences tend to respond to personal points of view that also offer the opportunity for an emotional connection. Give your audience the chance to relate to your blog by creating content that reflects your lifestyle, taste and ideas. Think of your blog as your brand and of your posts as values that can help that brand get stronger.


Rhythm. Try to treat your blog as any other publication. Audiences expect respected publications to broadcast content at certain intervals. Imposing a rhythm to your posts will reflect on your involvement and it can establish you as a worthy news provider in your field.


Engage your audience. Use your social media channels to start a conversation by sharing exciting content and interacting with followers and similar businesses. 

Accessibility. Create extra buzz about your publication by making social media buttons accessible and visible. Make sure your compelling content reaches a broader audience by giving your visitors an obvious way of sharing it with their friends.  


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