Wednesday, March 26

Online Marketing Strategies : Google+

Effectively leveraging social networks can mean the difference between failure and success in an online marketing strategy. Read our take on the importance of creating a Google+ account for your business. 

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With so many social networks out there to choose from, Google+ often remains a complete mystery to many business owners. Strategically created to neither be direct competition for Facebook and Twitter, yet not fall too much behind in its reach , Google’s social network is estimated to have quickly grown to more than 500 million users in its short existence - a number that, you might agree, is very hard to ignore in one’s realistic online marketing efforts.


Here are some pretty good reasons to start promoting your business on the world’s second largest social network.


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Increase your website’s SEO value. Google’s search algorithm includes personalized results pulled from Google+ activity. In other words, the more valuable content you create in your posts the bigger the chance they will appear in highly ranked related searches. What can I say, Google really loves itself.


The +1 button. Similar to Facebook’s “like” button, this little widget that you might have noticed sitting besides various articles and blog posts, is not only a powerful popularity metric, but also an essential tool of driving traffic to your website. According to Hubspot, websites with an implemented +1 button get 3.5 times more traffic than the ones without one.


Joining Communities. Another valuable resource worth exploring is the Community feature which allows your business to connect and share content with numerous other similar enterprises and interested individuals. This cool feature gives you the opportunity to network and even subtly advertise your services to a wide audience, an otherwise very costly process which you can now virtually access for free.


All in all you will find that the power of Google+ lies in the things that differentiate it as a social network from its predecessors. With its exponential growth rate and its endless marketing potential it slowly became a necessity in the online environment.


Have you created a Google+ account for your business yet? Share your experience with us on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.