Wednesday, April 16

Online Marketing Strategies : Ideal Length of Online Content

It’s very easy to get carried away when creating online content. Find out what the ideal lengths of posts across social media platforms are.

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The continuously accelerating rhythm of our lives demands concise news with as high an informational value as possible, so it’s no wonder that one of the most valuable features of good online content is its ability of being quickly consumed anywhere. But what is the magic formula that once implemented will drive optimum levels of engagement? Since each media platform implies different types of audience interaction, the ideal length of posts varies as well. Facebook. A study performed by Quintly on a sample of 60 000 Facebook pages showed that the ideal length of a Facebook post revolved around 100 characters. What this basically shows is that an attractive image and a well written concise text can lead to great results on Facebook.


the ideal length of facebook posts


Twitter. Various studies have split views regarding ideal lengths of a tweet with formulas suggesting 22, 100 or 120 characters. From our own experience a smart use of hashtags within the content and a carefully crafted text can drive good engagement at around 120 - 140 characters per tweet. 


the ideal length of tweets


Google+. If you’re in the mood for more detailed blurbs here is the place to do it. The same Quintly study sampled 1000 Google+ pages and showed a high rate of engagement with posts of an approximately 160 character length. Similar to Facebook, an interesting visual content accompanied by concise sentences, good hashtags and short links will have a better chance of getting noticed. 


the ideal length of google plus posts


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