Wednesday, April 9

Online Marketing Strategies : Infographics

With their ability of easily communicating complex data, infographics have registered exponential growth over the last couple of years. Find out all about what makes a good infographic stand out.

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You need only to open Pintrest and scroll your morning feed for the reality to sink in - infographics have become the “it” social media strategy for the majority of companies and small businesses out there. With their ability to compress valuable data and deliver it in a highly engaging visual way, it’s no wonder their popularity grew exponentially over the last few years.


But one of the most advantageous features of this online marketing strategy is its capability of generating shareable content, which will eventually drive significant traffic to your website - the exact kind of link building Google likes to see. 

So what are the features of a good infographic?


Originality. Often times originality can be as simple as finding a unique angle to a story. Researching your audience’s interests and online behaviour (take a look at our Facebook Graph post here) can help you discover a newer, more engaging way of getting the message across.


Design. Good design should never be underestimated when it comes to online content creation. While there are a lot of templates out there that can be used, they lack the personality and character of a uniquely crafted layout. A well designed infographic not only communicates complex information, but also encourages viral sharing across social media platforms.

Efficiency. Infographics build brand awareness by getting a specific message out there, but in oder for them to do so they need to be efficient. This can be accomplished by understanding and applying a good balance between visual elements and text. Concentrated infographics tend to receive a higher level of interest by delivering rich content in a timely fashion. 

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