Wednesday, March 19

Online Marketing Strategies : Leveraging Blogger Networks

In a world where word of mouth and online reviews hold significant weight in the consumer decision process, it’s no wonder companies are becoming increasingly creative in promoting their services. 

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An insider’s trick previously used exclusively by fashion PR firms, the idea of leveraging blogger networks for online marketing purposes is finding its way mainstream within various fields of activity.


If you are considering using blogger networks to promote your business, you are not alone. More and more businesses are starting to understand the value these networks hold in spreading awareness and trust when it comes to their services and products.


The first and foremost step when starting such an endeavour is to research the relevant blogs for your particular niche. The area of interest associated with the audience of online publications is what drives such campaigns so identifying the affinities of the readers is key in successfully marketing your product to them.


Once you’ve decided on the blogs you would like to work with, exploring communication channels to find out more about collaborating options and costs is a good idea. High ranked, professional bloggers will welcome inquiries and will be happy to reply with media kits containing details on their services and web analytics in order for you to get a full picture of possible opportunities.


Here are a few commonly used online marketing strategies that you might find interesting to explore:

1.Giveaways. A great way of increasing awareness for your product,  giveaways are usually hosted for free since they are a mutually beneficial way of increasing valuable social media following. They consist of a sample product or service offered by the company interested in initiating the giveaway, which is then awarded to a randomly selected winner. The terms of the giveaway such as geographical range of participation, timeframe, entry options, means of awarding the prize are all previously discussed and agreed on by both parties (the company asking for the service and the blogger hosting the giveaway).


2.Sponsored Posts. Depending on how popular the blog is, the cost for a sponsored post ranges from $35 to $300. Nevertheless, targeted appropriately they can result in great publicity and a lot of incoming traffic, since the articles always include pictures relating to your business, prearranged keywords and links to your website.


3.Product Reviews. A popular tool in getting the word out on your product, reviews are critical in building a trusted brand image. Offering a free sample for review to a blogger might be incredibly beneficial in perfecting your product not to mention the fact that it will generate traffic to your website and offer a hands-on detailed experience to possible customers. Reviews are always accompanied by pictures illustrating the trial of the sample and by links to where such product might be purchased. Expect and ask to hear pros and cons when offering an item for review since respected bloggers often count on their honesty to keep an engaged following.


4.Advertising banners. Starting at around $5 and going all the way up to $300 per month depending on the publication’s incoming traffic, advertising banners have recently become slightly less popular in favor of the above options, yet they are still available and an important means of creating awareness for your product. Also, the bundling of services is lately a favorite blogger up-selling technique which often offers banners attached to other advertising options such as giveaways, sponsored posts, or product reviews.