Wednesday, April 2

Online Marketing Strategies : Quality Content and Social Media

Quality content not only enables brands to establish themselves as experts in their fields, but it also helps increase social media following and audience engagement. Read our tips for successfully developing quality content. 

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When it comes to social media the ideal scenario involves the ability to incite dialogues and viral sharing and that’s exactly where quality content comes into play. But just what exactly is quality content?


It all begins with researching and understanding your audience’s interests and needs. Just like the marketing concepts of segmentation and targeting, finding your “customer” who is interested in the services you provide and in the information you have to share, is as vital in creating a good marketing campaign as it is coming up with a good social media strategy. 


Once you have identified your core audience, content can be intelligently crafted to meet the expectations and needs of this specific group. Creating the right content that not only informs but also entertains is key in maintaining a high rate of engagement and in demonstrating your expert status in the field. 


Here are a few tips for generating quality content :

Value Content vs Promotional Content. People tend to stop paying attention to constant streams of purely promotional content since it tends to have very low informational value. That is why creating a good balance between high value content like news, interesting articles or infographics and subtle promotional material is what keeps audiences engaged.


Get visual. Most of the information around us is transmitted through imagery and the same goes for the online environment. We tend to pay more attention to content accompanied by good photography or graphics, therefore providing quality visuals with your posts will increase the level of interest and audience engagement.


Timing is everything. Depending on the social media channel, there are various optimal times for sharing content. You'll find different studies and opinions worth reading on this particular subject but we believe that the best way to understand ideal time related posting practices is through trial and error. What might work for one business might not work for another one.


Engagement. Once you’ve created your quality content, it’s pretty unrealistic to expect a high rate of engagement without offering the same thing. Getting involved in conversations, sharing and liking noteworthy posts will attract attention to your own activity and social media marketing efforts, so don’t be afraid to really get out there and interact with your audience.


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