Wednesday, April 30

Social Media Trends of 2014

Keep your online marketing strategy in check by reading up on these major 2014 social media trends. 

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Wondering what are the areas to best focus your online marketing efforts on? We’ve done some research and came up with the four major trends in social media for 2014.


Visual based content. One of the most important things you can do to improve your social media presence is to develop strong, original, visual based content. People are significantly more interested in content accompanied by intriguing, attractive imagery that they can relate to, a fact worth keeping in mind when constructing a good online marketing campaign. 


Google+. Previously the underdog in the social media channel race, Google+ seems to be quickly closing the gap and becoming a legitimate contender. Unlike Facebook who limits the reach of your posts in order to encourage payed advertising, Google+ allows for all your content to reach your entire audience.

Blogging has seen an impressive ascension in the last years and it’s going to continue to be an important means of communicating brand values. While other social media channels limit the amount of information broadcasted, a blogging platform is perfect to expand on ideas you would like associated with your brand and can act like a hub for you online marketing strategy. 


Podcasting. With predictions of future generation cars already having built in podcasting support, this particular social media channel is expected to have an exponential growth. The ability of targeting audiences during driving, something that no other digital channel can do, has podcasting at a significant advantage over other social media. 


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