Friday, March 14

Taking Your Web Analytics to the Next Level

Stalking your visitors has never been as practical or easy as it is right now. Find out everything you need to know on how companies like Clicktale change the way we understand online traffic. 

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Thanks to the innovative thinking of the creative minds behind Clicktale, we now have a more than needed visual dimension to the old fashioned analytics.  With various options of recording full browsing sessions and visitor behaviour, the data leveraging possibilities are practically endless.


While the Visitor Recording and the Real Time Monitor services offered by Clicktale are indeed helpful, the Heatmap Product Suite is the one product that holds the key to efficiently keeping visitors engaged.


Mouse Move Heatmaps. These visual representations of what visitors are looking at and focusing on can reveal the high and low interest sections of your website, thus allowing you to evaluate and consider possible improvements to your layout.


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Click Heatmaps. By allowing you to understand which clickable content gets preferential treatment on your website, this specific product proves to be quite the effective tool in quickly and easily testing links and advertising banners.


Scroll Reach Heatmap. This particular tool provides valuable input on whether the page length needs to get adjusted or if important content needs to get moved higher up.


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Attention Heatmaps. Once you understand how much attention a specific area of your website gets you can effectively concentrate your efforts of tailoring website content, thus maintaining a high rate of engagement.


The services are more than accessible price wise, with Clicktale offering a start-up free plan perfectly adapted for small businesses and a premium plan which includes phone support and consulting services for those of you need an extra something special with your analytics.


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