Wednesday, May 7

The Advantages of the New Twitter Profile Page

Read our useful summary of the latest Twitter changes and understand how they can affect your online marketing strategy.

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The new Twitter page layout has been receiving a lot of positive feedback and rightfully so. Its significantly improved look allows businesses to share stories and better connect to their audiences in ways previously unaccessible on the social media platform. It also facilitates better brand awareness by offering the resources necessary to build a visual identity. Here are the major changes which we are most excited about.

New header image. Similar to what you’ll find on Facebook, the new header allows you to really make your Twitter account shine by showcasing a bigger image as well as a larger profile picture. 

the new twitter profile page

Emphasis on visual content. Tweets that receive a higher rate of engagement are now displayed in slightly larger fonts - a process that not only allows businesses to understand what their audience is responding to but also one that highly encourages visual content creation.

Favourites. With the ability of pining favourite tweets at the top of the page, users now have the opportunity to feature content that needs extra attention from followers.

Filtering. This new option is really helpful in finding out the level of engagement between a brand and its followers, while also improving the fluency of the posts on your profile by distinguishing between tweets and conversations. 

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