Monday, March 24

The Importance of Good Logo Design

One of the most important attributes of building a strong brand is creating a memorable visual identity. Read everything about how good logo design can help you define your business.

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Logos are not only unique visual marks, but also convey memorable impressions that show your company's personality, distinguishing your product in today’s heavily saturated market. With the intense level of competition and the incredible variety of services out there, investing in a good design that will help differentiate your business from similar ones is key in building a strong brand.


Color. There are many studies explaining the science behind color/brand associations and the importance of choosing the right shade to better communicate your brand's personality to prospective customers. We intuitively make associations between colors and notions, that is why understanding the mechanism behind that process can make a big difference in the way your logo is perceived by the public.


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Font. Choosing the right font for your logo is all about expressing the personality of your brand. A beautifully crafted wordmark is unique, expresses value, and feels timeless without losing its overall distinctiveness. Approaching a professional design service is always a good idea when exploring your options and finding the best typography to fit your business.


Iconography. Arguably the most memorable facet of logo design (see Apple or Pepsi), the graphic elements have great potential to become iconic for a brand. Creating a good association between signage and the core values of your business has immense future applications and monetary rewards.  A good example is the now famous Nike swoosh emblem which is estimated to be worth around 5 billion dollars.

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