Friday, April 4

The Importance of Good Photography in Web Design

Good photography is essential in creating a professional website for your business. Find out more on sourcing quality images for web design after the jump.

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With most of us increasingly seeking complex visual customer experiences, whether them being physical or virtual, it’s no wonder that photography centred design became one of the most talked about web trends of 2014. Good photography is not only essential in creating a professional looking website, but is also a great way of expressing core brand values and of establishing emotional connections with your visitors. 


Here are our tips on successfully using photography in web design:


Quality. Great photography can turn a good design into an amazing one, so think about it as an investment that is going to return great value over time. Even though snapping your own photos for your website might seem like a practical money saving solution, hiring a professional photographer is usually the best idea for obtaining beautiful high quality pictures.


Relevance. Visitors tend to value imagery that they can either identify with or form some kind of emotional attachment to. That is why using photos which are highly relevant to your business and preferably tell the story behind it, will have a higher impact than generic ones.


Size. Bigger images produce a higher interest rate, which is a very important fact to take in consideration when creating a new website. And just in case you don’t want to take our word for it, take a look at the really interesting case study performed by Econsultancy regarding the relation between the size of images used in web design and conversion rates.


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