Friday, April 11

Why Good Web Design Is All About Problem Solving

Find out how a problem solving approach can result in innovative, memorable web design.

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While there are many theories and formulas describing what makes great design, the best web design was and always will be all about problem solving. Creating a successful layout implies creating a good experience by analyzing problems and delivering innovative solutions relating to both usability and visual elements.


Amongst many other factors, understanding both user behaviour and the commercial expectations of the client is very important in generating an aesthetically pleasing, yet memorable content.


Starting with that premise in mind, it is easy to see why behind every great design there is not only a lot of experience and testing, but also a whole process :

Analysis. It is difficult to deliver outstanding content without an in depth analysis of user expectations. When offering new design solutions it might be very tempting to completely discard the old ones, but it can prove useful to learn from what worked and what didn’t before doing so (check out our article on visual web analytics ). 


Planning. The results of analysis can now be properly implemented into a plan that meets both expectations and needs. A well defined strategy will optimize and speed up the design process.


Execution. The last stage of the design process produces an innovative and visually attractive layout that not only conveys solutions to problems but also an excellent user experience. 


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