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Stats on the Web

article by: Lindsey Fair

  • In 1999 13% of Small Business in Canada had web sites, which doubled since 1998! Source: Canadian E-Business Opportunities Roundtable, IDC Canada
  • In 1999, 61% of business owners were connected to the Internet. Source: Canadian Federation of Independent Business, Ted Mallett.
  • Traffic Volume on the Internet doubles every 100 days. Source: U.S. Dept. of Commerce
  • There are 12,844,877 unique domain names registered worldwide, with 428,023 new domain names registered each week. Source: NetNames Statistics
  • Conducting business online will save companies $360-$480 billion by 2002. Source: Giga Information Group
  • Web Hits / day in 1999 averaged one billion . Source: eMarketer / Media Metrix
  • Email in the workplace saves employers about $9,000 per employee annually. Source: Ferris Research
  • IBM saved $750 million by putting more internal administrative functions onto the Web. Source: IBM Annual Report
  • Cost to produce and send email newsletters is $5 per thousand, compared to direct mail cost of $4686 per thousand. Source: CNET

Lindsey Fair is a web strategist with Inter Kingston Web Design