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Do You Need a Website?

article by: Matthew Fair

Of course you do. My opinion may be biased, but there is always a reason to have a web presence. But don't let web designers fool you. If you're a roofing contractor how valuable is a 16 page web site? It's not. Your web site should be based on what you're selling. If you're providing services to the local neighbourhood then the value of a web site is not going to out "cha-ching" its' cost. If you provide goods to the entire province, country or world, then a web site will pay for itself ten times over. So what about the roofing contractor? Where does he or she end up? You want my guess? I see the roofing contractor spending no more than 100 dollars on a site. That will provide just enough web presence so that if my next door neighbour decides to have his leaky roof patched this summer, and he uses the internet to start his search, our roofing contractor will have much better odds of getting the job, that leads to the next job, that leads to the roofing inspector contract at CFB Kingston.

The business type that benefits most from a web page is the classic high cost, low volume company. They are specialists, providing goods or services that are rare. Their niche is exacting. The reason, when something is hard to find, you go to the Internet to find it, right? And that fact makes a web site a valuable resource.

Now the hard facts:

Web advertising is 9 times cheaper than newspaper, 7 times cheaper than TV, 4 times cheaper than magazine adds, 2 times cheaper than radio advertising, and 1.5 times cheaper than outdoor signs.

Email newsletters cost 137 times cheaper than direct mail!

And the final word: Ask your self one question. What can I do today, that will make me happy.

Matthew is the owner of Inter Kingston Web Design