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Want to update your own site?

article by: David Zikakis

If you have a website chances are you have the need to update it once in awhile. For the lucky few who actually understand that HTML mumbo jumbo (The stuff the web is made of) it can be an easy task. For the rest of us less-enlightened folks it can mean calling someone to make the change for you, and waiting until they get around to it. This can be a pain for both yourself and the individual or company responsible for maintaining the site. Fortunately the good folks at Macromedia have produced a wonderful new program called Contribute. Macromedia's aim was to create a program that allows non HTML-programmers to update their site as easily as creating a document in a word processor.

What Contribute does is give the people supplying the content (you) for the website more power. After receiving a connection 'key' from your web designer you can simply browse your site and hit 'edit' at anytime to make modifications to the current page. You can change text, formatting, and even add pictures. However, there is such thing as too much power, especially when it comes to a site that your designer has put a lot of effort into. Fortunately Contribute allows the designer to moderate the type of changes that can be made in order to preserve the overall look and functioning of the site. You can even have your designer set up template pages that match your sites design so you can add new pages whenever you need to expand.

For more information on Contribute have a look at this link on Macromedia's website:

Dave is a senior web developer with Inter Kingston Web Design