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Ending the Introduction

article by: Matthew Fair

Ever since Flash leapt onto the web screen, splash pages have been prevalent and their pros and cons widely debated among the geekdom. Splash pages are often used as an introduction to the main content of a website. The idea being that the first impression is a lasting one, which is true. websites that stand out from the crowd are more likely to instil their message in the viewing audience. However, as Google (and other search engines) moves further and further away from searching keywords and descriptions and focus more on the raw text of a website those flashy, glitzy, crisp splash pages are actually hiding your site from perspective customers.

First impressions are lasting ones, so be sure you at least get a chance to make your impression on a customer and leave out the splash page. So be sure to tell your web developer / manager what you want your alt tags to say!

Matt is the owner of Inter Kingston Web Design

Website Marketing Checklist

article by: Lindsey Fair

Does your content on your website make sense? Are your grammar, spelling and other language formalities correct?

Is your design current and easy to use by the majority of viewers?

Has your site been evaluated by a focus group and improved upon based on their recommendations?

Do you encourage viral marketing? ie. Do you have 'pass this to a friend' sections, do you have sign up for this..., do you offer easy ways to print, bookmark or send your special pages?

Are your metatags search engine friendly and are they what your customers would use?

Do all of your images have descriptive alt tags?

Have you placed your website link all over the world wide web?

Have you submitted your site to, and

Do you have paid listings on Overture or Google?

Do you offer freebies ie. newsletter, tips, contests?

Do you support your website with other online initiatives like a monthly email, banner ad, contest, etc.

Is your site fresh, and up-to-date?

Do you (& and your staff) visit your site at least 1 time per day?

What's one thing you would like to change or improve upon on your site & web marketing? (don't answer this out loud - but each time you go through this checklist think what your answer would be)

Does your site have a clear goal?

Do you have a good statistics tracker to track your successes (and failures) online?

Lindsey is a web consultant with Market Me