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What can eBay do for you?

article by: Lindsey Fair

Although eBay is often made fun of, part-time business people know all about eBay and how powerful it can be, and the big box players are jumping in with both feet too. But what can eBay do for you and me?

If you're in a product based business, using eBay seems to make more sense, but are you doing it? eBay has everything from nuts and bolts, to a tractor, to an office building. It's a great way to get rid of old stock, figure out going prices and to check out your competitors.

It's inexpensive (for most items) and fairly easy to use. The cost to list on eBay is dependant on your listing requirements and a percentage on the sale price. If your item doesn't sell the sale price percentage isn't charged and you can re list for free. For eBay prices visit:

If you're in the service industry most people think eBay can't do anything for them, but be adventurous. Do you have a workbook, workshop, or an advertising opportunity? If nothing else, eBay is another great venue to post your website link, and drive traffic to your website.

The first downside we experienced was that the interface is sometimes difficult to work with and forces you to re-sign in several times. The only other draw back is that being a Canadian on eBay has its' disadvantages. To open a store or participate in other special services of eBay you have to be an American or have a high sellers rating (positive feedback from buyers & sellers on your record).

Most new eBayer's find the system a little overwhelming at first but with patience and good reading glasses you should be able to pick it up. So, go ahead and try to sell an item - you never know, it just may work.

Lindsey is the owner of Market Me