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What comes first the chicken or the egg?

article by: Lindsey Fair

That question comes up all the time in the web design vs the web marketing world. With the merger of Inter Kingston and Market Me, the chicken vs the egg dilemma really becomes apparent. Does the marketing dictate the design of the site or does the newly designed website dictate what marketing methods should and can be used?

To solve the dilemma let's look at the same scenario but from both points of view.

The Chicken (web design and development) comes first..

A client comes to Inter Kingston and says 'build me a new website that does this, and this and looks like this..' Inter Kingston develops the website based on the client's needs, making recommendations along the way on what can be done and in our experience what works well in the industry. Then with the newly developed website they want to get some traffic (the egg). So, now Inter Kingston will go back to the website and insert alt tags, metatags, possibly change some text, add some viral marketing tricks, etc. They may even need to change some of the design to incorporate more text, less images, current content displayed in a better location on the home page, etc. Once this is in place Inter Kingston can go full steam ahead with marketing.

The Egg (web marketing) comes first..

A client comes to Inter Kingston and says 'I think I need a website but I'm not sure if it's the best investment..' Inter Kingston gets to work by evaluating the target market, the competitors in the industry and what it would take to have an effective online presence. Using the knowledge of the research they have just completed, Inter Kingston incorporates viral marketing tactics, search engine friendly content, alt tags, metatags and smart layout into the design of the website. By the time the site is complete it is also ready for search engines, email, links and traditional advertising.

So what did our little roll play tell us? No matter which way you start your project, the chicken first or the egg first, the result is still the same ...the website has to be worth marketing before you try to market it and worth building before you build it. The easiest way (and usually most cost effective) to go about it is to start with the 'egg'. Plan your website and where you want it to go before you focus on the design. Once you have the plan down, your web development team should be able to look at both the chicken and the egg to ensure that they both happen at the same time. You don't want to end up with a chicken omelette!

Lindsey Fair is a project manager with Inter Kingston Web Design.