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Who's Online?

article by: Lindsey Fair

When developing a web marketing plan and spending money on a website for your business it is important to know who's on the web, who's going to find your site and who's going to read your site. Nothing beats asking your customers directly who they are and what they do online, but if that's not possible then this list of Internet Usage statistics may help.

Active Internet Users by Country

Country June 2004
Australia 8,379,571
Brazil 11,765,602
France 14,348,243
Germany 26,775,877
Hong Kong 2,460,400
Italy 15,733,348
Japan 33,750,224
Netherlands 7,785,983
Spain 8,436,889
Sweden 4,391,951
Switzerland 3,215,203
United Kingdom 21,082,432
United States 138,805,566
Totals 296,931,288
Source: Nielsen//NetRatings

Search Engine User Demographics

Demographic Google Yahoo!
Female 46.58% 50.76%
Male 53.42% 49.24%
18-34 yrs 43.57% 48.23%
35-54 yrs 42.85% 39.83%
55 + yrs 13.57% 11.94%
Under $30k/year 20.00% 21.87%
$30k-$100k 57.05% 57.69%
Over $100k/yr 22.95% 20.44%
Source: Hitwise

Small Business Internet Access Methods

Dial-up / Modem 31.7%
DSL / ADSL Broadband 30.3%
Cable Broadband 26.1%
T1 or Higher 9.8%
Other 2.1%
Source: Covad / Sprint / Equation Research

Roughly 90 percent of North Americians surf the Internet at least once per day; 71 percent spend at least 10 hours per week online; more than three-quarters surf at home; 83 percent have at least four years of online experience; and 56 percent connect at high speed. - According to Robyn Greenspan, April 2004 on

According to a recent Media Metrix report, the 55 years and older segment is the fastest growing Internet demographic group. The report shows that older adults (55+ years) now comprise 13 percent of total online users - outpacing 13- to 17 year olds who trail at 7.6 percent.

Lindsey Fair is a project manager and partner with Inter Kingston Web Design, Founder of Market Me, Co-Founder of the Kingston Young Entrepreneurs Group, and Immediate Past President of the Kingston Junior Chamber.