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Communication Breakdown

article by: Korey Graham

The communication, or lack-there-of, between a company and it's clients can mean the difference between a long healthy business relationship, and the painful loss of that 'huge account'. This is true in many, if not all, industries at various levels. One lesson that has become very apparent from companies like Macomedia, is that it is important to develop new lines of communication. Macromedia uses blogs, forums, and webinars to both present and receive information. One such tool that we have recently stumbled upon ( thanks to David Zikakis ) is a nifty piece of project management webware called Basecamp HQ.

This web-based software uses a sophisticated system of tracking and monitoring activity during the course of a project.

Basecamp offers some intriguing benefits:

  • Centralize internal communication
    To keep a steady flow of communication, a blog-style message post is built in. This keeps a 'paper-trail' of messages, feedback, and conversation so that all parties can track what has been discussed and the progress of issues and tasks. Additionally, notifications of new messages can also be forwarded to assigned email addresses.

  • Gather & archive client feedback
    Client feedback is what 'keeps the ball rolling'. By allowing the client to be updated frequently, it gives them the opportunity to supply feedback quickly and easily.

  • Share, assign, and prioritize to-do items
    Each person in a project team has their own responsibilities (including the client). The management and delegation of specific tasks is a key factor in any successful project. A to-do list can be assigned and prioritized to specific areas of the project and can be checked off and filed as 'done' once completed so that all parties involved are aware of the progress.

  • Upload, share, & deliver files
    A team-based project needs to be able to access and share the same documentation and files needed for the project. Basecamp allows for a centralized web-based file area, where all parties are able to upload, download, and comment on shared files.

  • Schedule milestones and due dates
    Deadlines can be the foremost concern for any project. Meeting those deadlines means assigning specific milestones for the project. These milestones are treated much like the to-do tasks, but are also displayed in a calendar module on the site. This allows for easier time management planning and schedule organizing.

With all these project management features utilized in a web-based environment the lines of communication will always remain active - inside the team, as well as with the client. A project team will be able to easily delegate tasks and responsibilities, view progress of completed work, share and comment on feedback from clients, and meet those project goals and deadlines.

For more information on the Basecamp Project Management software, check out:

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Korey is Inter Kingston's newest web designer and web marketer. A soon to be graduate of St. Lawrence Colleges Web Development program.