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What's in a Name?

article by: Lindsey Fair

A Domain Name that is! Well, let's talk about what really matters when choosing a domain name. When we evaluate a website, our focus groups spend time commenting on domain names. They believe that a poor domain name shows poor business sense and wasted money. Think about it, if you want someone to visit your office, you give them the street address and directions - if these are poor or complicated your perspective client won't remember and probably won't visit. The difference is that clearer messages are more important for websites. If someone gets lost on the way to your site - they may never contact you.

Our focus groups have determined what makes a good domain name. To have a perfect name: It has to say who you are; and what you do; it has to be short; it cannot contain abnormal features ( no _, - , ~ , or capitals and should include the www); and you must also have the majority of variations on that name. For instance, only has .ca, not .com, .net, etc. But it does answer who and what, it's short and simple;and it's easy to remember. So, when registering your domain name remember to take everything into account, because the outcome really does depend on the name.

Lindsey Fair is a web strategist with Market Me

Website Functionality

article by: Matthew Fair

When dealing with website design, form must follow function. No matter how good your site looks, if people can't understand how to move from page to page then you will definitely loose out on valuable traffic. When having your site designed, avoid unrecognizable forms of navigation, maintain a consistent look, and always lead people to the product or service that you are trying to promote.

In recent years websites have started to take on more active rolls in companies. They have been utilized for everything from client management and customer service to billing and accounting. The functionality of a website is becoming much more important. Your website may even allow your business to save time and valuable staff resources. So with all these options, make sure your site does exactly what you want it to.

Matt Fair is the owner of Inter Kingston Web Design