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Do You Needed a Facelift?

article by: Matthew Fair

The answer is: yes. Yes you need a face lift, and we're not talking tuck and snip. You need the whole thing redone once every two years. Pull that old stuff off and replace it with something new and sleek. Oh, by the way, I'm not talking about the skin on your face - I'm talking about the look and feel of your web site.

Every year web browsers add more and more features, which allows designers like me to do neat things that no one has ever seen before. This rapid development is great but leaves the Internet obliterated with out of date web designs. Last year, everyone was talking about how web sites have got to be up to date with the latest info. Now, it's not just the information that has to be up to date but the design as well. As more and more companies are improving their web presence the competition is becoming fierce. So, how do we redesign a site?

First, start with a web plan.

  • Decide what to keep and what to discard with last years fads.
  • Look for new concepts that will make your site easier to use.
  • Find your web sites sub-target-market and focus on getting your site to sell your product or service.
  • Do this step your self or hire a web marketing consultant.

Second, find a designer who will not just rearrange but who will redesign the entire site.

Third, market your new site with style and watch how your improvements pay off.

Just remember, fads are only fads when they are overused or outdated. Web sites should be leading edge.

Matt Fair is the owner of Inter Kingston Web Design