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Branding Your Business

article by: Nicole Denelzen

In an information age with an overload of cluttered communications it's becoming more and more difficult for companies and their products to be distinguished from the competition. This is where branding your business comes into play. Branding your business, simply means creating "a look". Often people are afraid to spend money on a professional design because its difficult to measure results. However without the skills needed to create a clear message, you have a far greater chance of being lost in the crowd.

Good design is not about style or fashion, it's about communication. What is it worth to have a message that is quickly and easily communicated versus one that isn't. Everything your company puts in the face of the public must be designed to distinguish your organization. By doing this you are communicating the many messages that the organization is about - it's culture and it's philosophies. This is what is called image building and creating personalities. With branded personalities you are able to create a positive image about the organization and its products, which is often the most important property.

Many people have a misconception that it is the computers that give us the ability to design. However, computers do not make good designers, nor do the programs that are on our computers, rather it is the talent sitting in front of the computer. As jazzman Duke Ellington once said, " It is not the piano that makes great music, it is the person sitting at the piano." Building your image is far too important to take a chance on and trust an untrained eye. When you do contract for graphic design, most of what you're paying for is time - time for "working things out". The time is generally divided into three areas; investigational, conceptual, and executional. The difference between expensive and inexpensive design is in the value of the time expended. Which is in direct correlation of the talent, training and experience the designer has.

Don't let your brand get pushed aside in this world of mass communication. Instead, take the steps to find a trusted designer to help you create a brand that not only communicates your organizations image, but also gives it a personality to help it stand out from the pack.

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Nicole is the owner of Infinite Design Studio