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Adding a Little Pizzaz!

article by: Lindsey Fair

Want to start the New Year off with a little oomph? Want to add a little fun to your web site? There's a lot of great technology out there right now to start you off on the right foot.

Start with a little flash - Macromedia Flash that is. This program allows you to have commercial like qualities on the web. Historically people have used flash to introduce their site, like If this is the route you choose be sure to incorporate high quality pictures, sound, etc, otherwise it's seen as outdated and uncool. Check out how these guys have started with flash,, and made it look good and fresh.

Another way to incorporate flash into your site is to put little bits within the site directly like This way can be really affective as it allows cutting edge interactivity with your clients without forcing them to wait (especially if they have a slow connection). Some sites are completely done with flash, for example Just be careful of the download time.

Then try some pics - some iPix that is. There are a few digital photographers locally who do this, eSee Photography (web site underway as we speak) for one. This gives you 2 pictures meshed together so you can see 360', which is great for providing tours, product details, etc. Check out , just click on the photo and move your mouse around.

There's a billion others things you can try out like games, Quicktime VR, etc. Whatever you use to add a little pizzaz, it should stay in line with your corporate image, your brand and your message. Have fun with those Flashy Pics!

Lindsey Fair is the owner of Market Me