September 16, 2004
14 Theories e-blurb no. 35

When developing a web marketing plan and spending money on a website for your business it is important to know who's on the web, who's going to find your site and who's going to read your site. Nothing beats asking your customers directly who they are and what they do online, but if that's not possible then this list of Internet Usage statistics may help.

August 5, 2004
14 Theories e-blurb no. 34

Trying to find up-to-date stats on whether website traffic comes from your links or from search engines is very difficult. We found some statistics from 2002 and some basic ones from early 2003, but nothing from 2004. So we did our own study.

July 4, 2004
14 Theories e-blurb no. 33

What would you say is your greatest asset? Is it your home?  Your car?  Maybe your investments or RRSPs?  Is it your business?  I suggest that your greatest asset is your health that enables you to generate income.  In fact, you are worth a fortune!  Consider that a 30 year old earning $3,000 per month can earn $1.8 million dollars by age 65*.  A 40 year old earning $5,000 per month can earn $2 million dollars by age 65*.

June 2, 2004
14 Theories e-blurb no. 32

Most businesses are protected from catastrophic loss by insurance policies but very few businesses protect their extremely valuable data with the same care. If your place of business is subject to massive fire what will you do? Where do you store your backed-up data? I'll bet that most small businesses store their backed-up data right next to their computers and in the case of fire, that is a poor choice. If possible you should protect your data by storing off-site so that even in the case of fire, or theft, you still have the ability to recover from the loss. With the sole exception of mass destruction, caused by natural disaster, your data should remain safe when using off-site back-ups.

April 26, 2004
14 Theories e-blurb no. 31

Managing email successfully has become a very important part of every business and for many, it has become a huge, almost impossible, problem.

February 23, 2004
14 Theories e-blurb no. 30

I just got off the phone with the third person this morning asking me how much it will cost to get a website. I wish it was that simple! The cost of a website varies depending on the purpose, the needs and the technology being used to build it. There's bells, there's whistles and then there's marketing too.

January 7, 2004
14 Theories e-blurb no. 29

January 1, 2004 - The Privacy Act extends to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information in the course of any commercial activity within a province.

November 24, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 28

That question comes up all the time in the web design vs the web marketing world. With the merger of Inter Kingston and Market Me, the chicken vs the egg dilemma really becomes apparent. Does the marketing dictate the design of the site or does the newly designed website dictate what marketing methods should and can be used?

October 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 27

Have you ever noticed that every website is set up the same? They have an 'about us' page, a 'contact us' page, a portfolio or services page, etc. I don't know about you, but often when I am looking for something on a website I feel like I'm on a game show called 'Hide and Seek'. What I want is never where I think it's going to be! Why is this?

September 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 26

In how many different ways does your website communicate to your visitors? The answer is two. The first avenue is the copy (your writing), while the second is the choice of colors you use. This report is the first is a two-part series on understanding how your site communicates to your visitors. In part one, we will learn about how colors affect and influence the mood of your readers. Part two will explain how to use words and phrases to propel your visitors to take attention. So what color is your website?