August 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 25

Although eBay is often made fun of, part-time business people know all about eBay and how powerful it can be, and the big box players are jumping in with both feet too. But what can eBay do for you and me?

July 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 24

When evaluating the security of your business be sure to include website security in your lengthy check list.

June 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 23

Ever since Flash leapt onto the web screen, splash pages have been prevalent and their pros and cons widely debated among the geekdom. Splash pages are often used as an introduction to the main content of a website. The idea being that the first impression is a lasting one, which is true. websites that stand out from the crowd are more likely to instil their message in the viewing audience. However, as Google (and other search engines) moves further and further away from searching keywords and descriptions and focus more on the raw text of a website those flashy, glitzy, crisp splash pages are actually hiding your site from perspective customers.

May 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 22

A secret weapon of web marketers is alt(ternative) tags. Search engines and directories scan the html side of your website looking for content that relates to specific categories. They check headings, bold text, start of paragraphs and alt tags.

April 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 21

There are many different types of websites out there, with many different goals and purposes. Before jumping on the band wagon of getting a website, you need to evaluate what it will do for you. In our workshops we talk about establishing a site goal, and as we've determined there are only three site goals: save you time, save you money or make you money. If your site will not meet one of these then is it really worth it? If it does, where do you go from here?

March 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 20

If you have a website chances are you have the need to update it once in awhile. For the lucky few who actually understand that HTML mumbo jumbo (The stuff the web is made of) it can be an easy task. For the rest of us less-enlightened folks it can mean calling someone to make the change for you, and waiting until they get around to it. This can be a pain for both yourself and the individual or company responsible for maintaining the site. Fortunately the good folks at Macromedia have produced a wonderful new program called Contribute. Macromedia's aim was to create a program that allows non HTML-programmers to update their site as easily as creating a document in a word processor.

February 1, 2003
14 Theories e-blurb no. 19

By now most people have at least heard of paid listings in search engines, and some of you may have even tried it. We were somewhat skeptical of the results that you could get by paying your way to the top at first, but now we've seen that it can work.

December 1, 2002
14 Theories e-blurb no. 18

I'm sure everyone out there has received unsolicited email - you know, the 'personalized' letter explaining how you can be a billionaire, or how you can submit to 5,000 search engines at once! And any time someone mentions using email for an advertising medium for your company you probably shudder and think of these examples. You don't want your name attached to something like that, or have your customers think of you as being annoying. Well, have we got some solutions for you!....

November 1, 2002
14 Theories e-blurb no. 17

Generating new content for websites is one of the most frustrating tasks for businesses. Wouldn't it be nice if someone else generated the content for you and updated your web site automatically? Well, that is exactly what can do. And there are many more sites like it popping up all over the place. The concept is simple, keep your content rolling to allow your customer to get sticky with you.

October 1, 2002
14 Theories e-blurb no. 16

At Inter Kingston we've recently had an increase in the number of e-Business questions. So, we thought putting a small sample of the FAQs together would be helpful for our readers.