September 1, 2001
14 Theories e-blurb no. 5

The answer is: yes. Yes you need a face lift, and we're not talking tuck and snip. You need the whole thing redone once every two years. Pull that old stuff off and replace it with something new and sleek. Oh, by the way, I'm not talking about the skin on your face - I'm talking about the look and feel of your web site.

June 1, 2001
14 Theories e-blurb no. 4

A Domain Name that is! Well, let's talk about what really matters when choosing a domain name. When we evaluate a website, our focus groups spend time commenting on domain names. They believe that a poor domain name shows poor business sense and wasted money. Think about it, if you want someone to visit your office, you give them the street address and directions - if these are poor or complicated your perspective client won't remember and probably won't visit. The difference is that clearer messages are more important for websites. If someone gets lost on the way to your site - they may never contact you.

May 1, 2001
14 Theories e-blurb no. 3

The Internet is an excellent way to complete research form home or elsewhere. You can get up-to-date information world wide. Not very many encyclopedias can offer that! On the other hand, it can be very frustrating. If you are like me, you have often wasted hours trying to find exactly what you need. You know it's out there - but where?

April 1, 2001
14 Theories e-blurb no. 2

Of course you do. My opinion may be biased, but there is always a reason to have a web presence. But don't let web designers fool you. If you're a roofing contractor how valuable is a 16 page web site? It's not. Your web site should be based on what you're selling. If you're providing services to the local neighbourhood then the value of a web site is not going to out "cha-ching" its' cost. If you provide goods to the entire province, country or world, then a web site will pay for itself ten times over. So what about the roofing contractor? Where does he or she end up? You want my guess? I see the roofing contractor spending no more than 100 dollars on a site. That will provide just enough web presence so that if my next door neighbour decides to have his leaky roof patched this summer, and he uses the internet to start his search, our roofing contractor will have much better odds of getting the job, that leads to the next job, that leads to the roofing inspector contract at CFB Kingston.

January 1, 2001
14 Theories e-blurb no. 1