GreenCentre Canada

GreenCentre Canada takes a hands-on approach to developing chemistry and materials-science innovations. From helping commercialize academic and entrepreneurial discoveries to providing established companies a confidential space to expand their R&D capabilities, GCC transforms chemistry breakthroughs into products and services that will enhance quality of life and preserve the environment for future generations.

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the product


Information Architecture

Anayltics & Keyword Strategy

Messaging & Positioning

User Experience Strategy

Content Strategy

Market Research

Web Design

Mobile Friendly



Web Application



Content Management System

Graphic Design



Grid Blocks

The Challenge

The old GCC website was a few years old and had a dated look with important information getting lost in the shuffle of content.

The Result

Modern web design elements such as the "Mega Menu" structure and Responsive layout ensure content on the site is easily accessible for users on desktop or mobile devices. The Content Management System (CMS) used, called Mura, is enterprise level and open source. The CMS allows GCC staff to update the site content as needed.

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