Biology Department

Biology is one of the larger departments at Queen's University with more than 30 full-time faculty. The department has a dynamic research environment that fosters leading-edge, collaborative research in many domains of inquiry across the biological sciences. The undergraduate and graduate programs are gateways to lifelong learning, preparing students to be leaders in the study of a wide range of biological sciences.

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the product


Information Architecture

Anayltics & Keyword Strategy

Messaging & Positioning

User Experience Strategy

Content Strategy

Market Research

Web Design

Mobile Friendly



Web Application



Content Management System

Graphic Design




The Challenge

Content structure was a huge challenge as there were hundreds of pages to be transferred over and organized.

The Result

The final website utilizes many elements of modern web design such as responsive layout for optimal viewing on desktops/tablets/smartphones and longer scrolling pages. The content and layout is set up to be most appealing to prospective students as the main goal of the website is to help increase enrolment.

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