Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

The faculty has grown steadily in size and reputation in the intervening years. Now, almost twenty-seven hundred undergraduate students are enrolled and there are over one hundred and sixty faculty members in the ten engineering programs.

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the product


Information Architecture

Anayltics & Keyword Strategy

Messaging & Positioning

User Experience Strategy

Content Strategy

Market Research

Web Design

Mobile Friendly



Web Application



Content Management System

Graphic Design




the challenge

Broken links, disorganized content, poor navigation, and frustrated users. The previous website had lots problems and a not so friendly user experience. The core focus was hard to distinct and did not demonstrate the level of education to potential students.

the result

A new site navigation and layout mended the overall user experience. The site includes highlighted elements about the faculty and departments to impress prospective students and parents. The mega menu introduces a broad array of pages directly from any landing page. Departments have been separated into individual "sub-sites" to immerse detailed information from education to career.

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