School of Business

SLCBIZ is a website maintained by the students and faculty within the School of Business at St Lawrence College in Kingston Ontario. It's intended as both a showcase of work and the learning and experiences discovered during studies in the various business programs.

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the product


Information Architecture

Anayltics & Keyword Strategy

Messaging & Positioning

User Experience Strategy

Content Strategy

Market Research

Web Design

Mobile Friendly



Web Application



Content Management System

Graphic Design




The Challenge

The majority of contributors to the website are students in the School of Business so the website needed to have some safeguards in place for easy management of content.

The Result

The new website is now a marketing tool for the School of Business. Faculty, students and alumni can contribute to the website content, easing the administrative burden. By utilizing the "workflow" tools in the CMS students can write website content and send it to faculty for review before it's able to be published live.

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