Reach your customers on their smartphones

What are they?

QR Codes are similar to bar codes in that people can scan them i.e. click here with their Smartphone and be taken directly to a website address without having to type anything in; QR Codes have applications in almost any industry because you can include them in any type of advertising, specifically with great results when used in outdoor advertising, transit and print i.e. Iron Man QR code

web design kingston, social media marketing, qr codes What are they used for?

Imagine you own a restaurant and have sidewalk signs on the blocks surrounding your location. On those signs are QR Codes that when scanned take people to the location page on your website so they can easily find your restaurant in an instant; which is similar to this (click here)

Perhaps you’re a real estate agent and on your property signs is a QR Code (i.e. click here) that when scanned by passersby takes them to the listing page for that property allowing potential clients to gain all the information they’re looking for on the spot.

This technology has been met with great success in Europe and Asia but specifically Japan ( i.e. click here) and is slowly being adopted across North America. As shown in the Japan example linked above, QR Codes are also valuable for contests, promotions and event coupons.

Are they effective?

QR Codes are still a novelty in North America so businesses that use them are viewed as early adopters and modern, and depending on your target market that is an appealing hook.  Also, effectiveness can only be determined if you can measure the results. QR Codes can be created for specific web pages so in combination with Google Analytics you can find out how many people used the QR Code to visit that web page. 

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The Big Picture

Using QR Codes is just one tool available in the marketing mix. Along with Search Engine Optimization and Email Marketing using QR Codes is an effective way to kick-start your pre-existing marketing campaign.

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